The White House is standing by its decision to revoke the press credentials of CNN correspondent Jim Acosta.  Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted a video that allegedly shows Acosta using “inappropriate behavior” when a White House intern try to take the microphone from Acosta during a Donald Trump news conference on Wednesday.

One problem.  The video has been doctored.

The video, it turns out, came from the conspiracy website Infowars.  From Newsweek:

Paul Joseph Watson, a far-right conspiracy theorist and editor-at-large of InfoWars, wrote for the Alex Jones-run website that “Acosta clearly uses his left arm to physically resist/restrain the woman.”

On Twitter, Watson accused Acosta of using his arm “to overpower her” and shared the doctored footage, which zooms in on the reporter’s arm.

The original clip shows the staffer grabbing the mic and attempting to pull it away as Acosta holds on. Her arm meets with Acosta’s hand, which drops with his arm as she tries to pull the mic and turn to hand it to another reporter.

From Media Matters:

“Observers on Twitter quickly pointed out that the clip in question originated from a tweet by Watson and that the video was altered. According to HuffPost, “The footage Sanders shared was missing the audio, zoomed in and repeated. Critics on social media said the speed of the footage was altered as well.”

“In recent months, several social media platforms have either outright banned Jones and his outlet or placed restrictions on his activities. But Jones and his Infowars colleagues still appear influential enough that their content can quickly reach the White House.”