It takes courage for any elected office-holder to take a counter position from the powers that be in his or her party–especially when the party has a controlling majority.

So it is with Republicans in Congress now. Most of them know–down deep and in their hearts–that President Trump was feckless as he appeared beside Russia’s Putin in Helsinki. The whole appearance was disgraceful, and they know it.

But, with few exceptions, they are afraid to say so. (And even the few exceptions have voiced their concerns cautiously, guardedly.)  They are afraid. Afraid of their leadership, afraid they may damage their own re-election chances and the chances of their party remaining in power.

Who among them is willing to put the country first, rather than their personal ambitions and the party’s ambitions? Who among them will answer to their conscience, to their sense of duty to country? Who indeed.  So far, practically none of them.

By their silence history shall know them.