A production company committed to bringing important stories to life, across a variety of media and genres.

News and Guts is a multimedia production company with offices in New York; San Francisco; and Austin, Texas. Founded by iconic newsman Dan Rather, it brings together a team of experienced journalists and storytellers with a focus on high-quality nonfiction content. While rooted in strong traditions of news and investigative reporting, the company is developing projects about science, technology, history, music, the arts, sports, and social justice issues. It is also in development on scripted series.

News and Guts seeks to build off the best traditions of 20th Century journalism, while taking advantage of the exciting world of 21st Century digital distribution and social media. Recognizing that the traditional silos of content between video, audio, and text are rapidly dissolving, News and Guts is developing projects that take full advantage of this new media landscape.

“When I entered journalism, print and radio were king and television was an uncharted landscape. Now a digital world beckons with new opportunities. Please join us on our journey.”

Dan Rather