There’s an old saying about one who “gets out over their skis.”   It means avoid overconfidence when the odds seem greatly in your favor.  Or, don’t get ahead of yourself.  This would be good advice for Democrats who are breathing fire, ready to turn 2018 into a referendum against Donald Trump.  A year from now they dream of waltzing into Washington with a majority in Congress.

That seems pretty doable as just about any poll will confirm that the House is winnable and the Senate is in play.  Record numbers of candidates are lined up to rant about the evil transgressions of Donald Trump.  To use another sports metaphor, it’s like a high, hanging curve ball.  Trashing Trump will be an easy single every time.  And if you look at Democrats winning in Virginia and Alabama, it seems like only a matter of time before Trump’s agenda is sidelined forever.

But, if you listen to the architects of Doug Jones’ Alabama upset, it’s more than that.   It’s about working together and NOT preaching more hate.  Americans are sick of it, even Republicans in Alabama! Take time from your Thursday evening to ponder the words of Joe Trippi.  He’s the longtime Democratic strategist who helped orchestrate the Alabama win.  It wasn’t, according to Trippi, the allegations of sexual assault against Roy Moore that was his eventual undoing.  This interview with Vox’s Ezra Klein is a must read for anyone interested in politics, and anyone thinking of running should read this more than once.