It’s a new day in politics, but the same old Donald Trump.  After a stunning win by Doug Jones last night, Trump (surprisingly) had a gracious tweet for the victor.

But was it really a Trump tweet?  He was back in character this morning absolving himself of any responsibility.

With all the votes counted, the final tally shows Moore losing by more than 20,000 votes.  Will he ask for a recount?  It seems unlikely because the margin of victory is 1.5%.  For an automatic recount, the margin would have to be less than .5%.  Interestingly, more than 20,000 votes were write-in votes for other candidates.

Meanwhile, the turnout among black women is seen as the difference maker in the election.     From USA Today:

According to the exit polls, 17% of voters in the election were black women, and 98% of them voted for Jones. The exit polls found that 31% of voters were white women, and only 34% of them voted for Jones, while 63% voted for Moore. 

Many people used the hashtag #BlackWomen to voice support for Jones and noted that Democrats need to step up their support for minorities. 

As for passing the blame around, Republican Congressman Peter King says Steve Bannon is responsible for the Republicans losing the Alabama senate seat.

We’ll update this story throughout the day.