The morning after his lopsided win in South Carolina, former Vice President Joe Biden took aim at the frontrunner, Bernie Sanders. Appearing on NBC’s Meet The Press, Biden argued Sanders’ ideas are “very controversial.”

“They are not looking for revolution, they are looking for results, they’re looking for change, they’re looking for movement forward,” Biden said.

Biden also predicted Sanders would lose to Donald Trump and turning the Senate blue would also be more difficult with Sanders as the nominee.

The Washington Post writes:

The win pumped new life into Biden’s struggling campaign, as he became the first candidate to score a clear-cut victory against Sanders this year, boosting his efforts to become the major alternative to the liberal senator. Still, Sanders (I-Vt.) is polling strongly in several of the Super Tuesday states that vote this week, and it could yet prove difficult for any of his competitors to catch up.

At a minimum, Democrats now face the most unsettled contest in decades, with several candidates showing a potential to win delegates after the winnowing process of the first four primary states. The Democratic race goes national Tuesday, when 14 states and one territory will vote to award 34 percent of the convention delegates.

If you didn’t see it last night, check out Biden’s victory speech in South Carolina, said to be one of the best of his campaign.