The Biden administration on Tuesday made its first effort to close the racial equity gap currently existing in the vaccine campaign with plans to distribute vaccines to low-income and underserved areas.

The White House’s COVID-19 Task Force announced it would be launching the first phase of its Federally Qualified Health Center Program for COVID-19 vaccination today, according to CBS.

The program will start small, delivering one million doses of coronavirus vaccines directly to “a network of […nearly 250…] federally funded clinics in underserved areas” next week, according to the New York Times.

“Equity is our North Star here,” Dr. Nunez-Smith said. “This effort that focuses on allocation for community health centers really is about connecting with those hard-to-reach populations across the country.”

Nunez-Smith said there are plans to ramp up as supply expands.

Some Democrats like Representatives Ayanna Pressly (MA.) and Val Demings (FL.) have been calling attention to the unequal distribution of coronavirus vaccines in communities of color known as “vaccine redlining.”

The program aims to deliver 2.3 billion doses by the end of this year.