How low can it go?  Pretty darn low.  The temperatures in the northeast continue to break records with Mount Washington, New Hampshire taking home the grand prize with a wind chill of -100 degrees.  Yes, you read that right.  The bitter cold followed the ‘bomb cyclone’ storm that hit the east coast on Thursday.

Here are some forecast lows tonight:

New York 1

Burlington -9

Boston -4

Cleveland -1

Philadephia 0

Raleigh 10

While the east is buried in snow, the last time they saw this little accumulation out west was…almost never.  Snow-watchers out west noted that it’s been one of the driest winters on record in the Rockies.

The first concern is the snowpack, or lack of it, that helps replenish reservoirs in western states when spring arrives.  The current snowpack is the lowest since modern measurements began more than 30 years.  Colorado’s booming growth requires a lot of water.  It’s still early but right now there is a lot of “brown ground.”

And no snow means no skiers.  It’s being called the worst winter in the Rockies for skiing in 60 years.  From northern New Mexico through southern Colorado, ski resorts are making snow to stay in business.