Bob Enyart, a controversial right-wing radio host in the Denver area who refused to get vaccinated and spread misinformation about the vaccines, has died from COVID-19.

Enyart’s radio partner announced his death on Monday in a Facebook post. The radio host had tested positive for the virus along with his wife several weeks ago. Enyart had been a vocal opponent of the COVID vaccines and mask mandates. A pastor, he successfully sued the state last year over mask mandates and capacity limits in Colorado churches. From the pulpit and through the microphone on his unironically named radio show “Real Science Radio,” Enyart spread false information about the vaccines, including that the vaccines were made using aborted fetal cells — a claim that has been widely debunked.

The Washington Post shared an excerpt from Enyart’s website in which he said people should boycott the vaccines, “to further increase social tension and put pressure on the child killers.”

Enyart was a longtime member of the far-right corner of the conservative talk-radio universe. A radio host since the early 1990s, he helped build his reputation and audience with cruel and discriminatory attacks on the LGBTQ community. The Denver publication Westword once wrote that Enyart used to “gleefully” read obituaries of people who died from AIDS, while the Queen song “Another One Bites The Dust” played. Queen’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury, died of AIDS.

A vocal anti-abortion activist, he picketed outside the homes of doctors, and said women who had abortions should be given the death penalty.

Enyart is at least the fifth conservative radio personality to die of complications from COVID-19 in the last few months.