The Democrats were already in good shape as far as money is concerned, but this weekend they got another big bump. ActBlue, a nonprofit fundraising platform for Democratic campaigns and organizations reports that donors showed an outpouring of support following Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. On Saturday, donors set the record for dollars and the number of contributions in one day.

ActBlue Executive Director Erin Hill released the following statement:

“Amid the devastating loss of Justice Ginsburg, it is inspiring to see people taking action to honor her legacy. The record-breaking response we’ve seen from small-dollar donors shows that the left is eager to fulfill her final wish and ready to fight back against Trump and McConnell’s vow to push through a Supreme Court nominee. Grassroots donors are fired up and investing in taking back the Senate majority and the White House, electing Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, and bolstering organizations on the frontlines of the impending judicial confirmation fight.”

One Democrat from Miami, Florida told us “We donated to every damn Democrat in America this weekend.”

It’s believed a good portion of the money brought in over the last three days went to Democratic senate candidates, but it’s also safe to assume some went to Joe Biden’s campaign as well. This comes as we learn that Biden is winning the fundraising race against Donald Trump. The digital director for Joe Biden, Rob Flaherty, wrote: “Donald Trump reported that his campaign has $325 million cash on hand. Joe Biden’s cash on hand is now $466 million. Our scrappy, grassroots army has not only closed Donald Trump’s fundraising gap — it’s exceeded it by $141 million.”

Politico calls this “a stunning reversal of fortunes from last spring, when Trump held a hefty financial edge as the nearly broke Biden emerged from the Democratic nominating contest.”

And this haul doesn’t include money people like Michael Bloomberg are spending to help Biden bring in more votes. Bloomberg has pledged to spend $100 million in Florida alone.

Trump was asked about being behind in the cash race during a call on Fox & Friends today. He bragged, “Give me one day and a telephone, I could get all these rich people that I know very much to all put up millions of dollars a piece.” If it’s that easy, why doesn’t he make the calls? He said: “The problem is I’m then obligated. I’m obligated to all of them. I don’t like being obligated.”