This seems counter-productive, at least for Republicans. Donald Trump is traveling to Dalton, Georgia Monday night for a rally that’s supposedly to encourage voters in north Georgia to cast ballots in the senate runoff races. Instead, the AP reports, he will use the rally to continue to sow the seeds of doubt about his loss in the state. The wire service reports, “In a rage after the Raffensperger call, Trump floated the idea of pulling out of the rally, which would have potentially devastated the GOP chances in what is expected to be a pair of razor-thin races.”

The report goes on to say:

Trump was persuaded to go ahead with the rally as a stage from which to reiterate his claims of election fraud and to present, as he tweeted Monday, the “real numbers” from the race. Republicans, though, were wary as to whether Trump would focus only on himself and potentially depress turnout by undermining faith in the runoff elections and not promoting the two GOP candidates.

CNN adds:

After the call was publicized, many Georgia Republicans have given up all hope that Trump’s visit on Monday night will be a positive contribution to that effort. “No one has any rational reason to believe it will go well,” said one Georgia Republican. “The likelihood of a total, complete, absolute sh*t show is off the charts. If disaster is avoided, it will be sheer dumb luck.”

Perdue isn’t expected to attend tonight’s rally as he is in quarantine after he said he was exposed to someone with COVID-19.