The relationship between Donald Trump and Mitt Romney is causing whiplash today.

Romney announced last week he would be running for Senate in Utah this November, trying to win the seat Senator Orrin Hatch is vacating. While Romney may be a popular candidate for some in the Republican party, it certainly looked like he would NOT get the support of Donald Trump,  not after name calling and criticism like this.

Last night though Trump did a complete turnaround. Suddenly he thinks Romney is “great” and “worthy.”

For Romney to accept this endorsement though would certainly be surprising. After all, Romney has expressed huge concerns with Donald Trump’s presidency. Who can forget this speech back in 2016 when Romney urged people NOT to vote for Trump. Calling him a “con man,” a “fraud,” “unfit for office” and more.

When Romney ran for President back in 2012 Trump endorsed him, but Romney said based on what he later learned about Trump he wouldn’t accept the endorsement.

That was then, this is now. Just 35 minutes after the President “endorsed” him on Twitter, he caved.

So, what’s up with this strange relationship?  It may be as simple as Trump throwing his support behind someone who will be an easy winner in the fall, instead of a probable loser (see Roy Moore.)  Makes Trump look better which, is what it’s all about.  And the endorsement will also make it harder for Romney to trash talk Trump during the campaign.  He can wait ’til he’s in the Senate.