For those of us old enough to remember,  Watergate was a terrifying time for our country.  Hoping against hope that America’s leaders were not conspiring and committing crimes ultimately proved to be wishful thinking.  For all the deceit and lies of that time, the Trump era feels different.  If anything it feels more frightening because every day is a new adventure down the dark path of the unknown.

Our country is shaken.  And we seriously need to begin thinking about what to do.  It is a question that is increasingly on our minds and one that needs to be addressed.  What if the President of the United States committed no crime but is mentally unfit to carry on the duties of the office?

Or, as Ezra Klein at Vox writes, “what if we just make a hiring mistake, as companies do all the time? What if we elect someone who proves himself or herself unfit for office — impulsive, conspiratorial, undisciplined, destructive, cruel?”  And what if that lack of discipline were to endanger our fellow citizens (think Rocket Man aka Kim Jong-un)?  What is the threshold for someone in authority to say enough is enough?

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