It is a dramatic shift that is being felt across the country. Once-safe GOP strongholds, America’s suburbs are turning blue. From the Los Angeles Times:

For decades, there was an unvaried rhythm to life in America’s suburbs: Carpool in the morning, watch sports on weekends, barbecue in the summer, vote Republican in November.

Then came President Trump.

It seems unlikely, even improbable, that one politician could so change the political dynamic in one election cycle, but the evidence is everywhere, especially among suburban women.

The erosion of support among suburban women began during the 2016 campaign — for many the breaking point was the “Access Hollywood” video, in which Trump boasted of grabbing women by their genitals — and increased dramatically in the 2018 midterm election, costing Republicans control of the House.

The trend continued in the recent off-year elections, in suburbs from “Wichita, Kan., to northern New Jersey to DeSoto County, Miss. Democrats won two of three gubernatorial contests, in Kentucky and Louisiana, in good part because of their strength in those Republican redoubts.

The Times profiled Arizona, long a GOP bastion of McCain and Goldwater supporters that elected Krysten Sinema, a Democrat to the Senate in 2018.

“…Arizona has undergone a slow but steady transformation as the growing Latino population and a flood of newcomers from places like California erode Republicans’ long-standing hegemony.