Back in September, Donald Trump asked Americans to “believe me” when he said he wouldn’t benefit from the tax bill.

“Our framework includes our explicit commitment that tax reform will protect low-income and middle-income households,” Trump said. “Not the wealthy and well-connected. They can call me all they want; I’m doing the right thing.” He then added: “And it’s not good for me, believe me.”

You didn’t believe him, did you? Hope not because Donald Trump is about to make out like a bandit. Why? For one, a tax deduction was preserved for owners of golf courses. And there was also a last minute provision to the bill that benefits real estate investors! Vanity Fair has a great read on the last minute windfall that also benefited Senator Bob Corker. Corker says he didn’t know this new provision was in the bill because he didn’t read it and is asking for an explanation.

But who really deserves an explanation is the middle class. Trump could lose even more credibility with his already crumbling base when they realize they’ve been sold a trillion dollar bill of goods. The Daily 202 from The Washington Post looks at the coming calamity.