Senator Lindsey Graham has COVID. The South Carolina Republican made the announcement on Twitter Monday.

Just a few days ago, Senator Lindsey Graham mocked mask-wearing saying, “To my liberal Democratic friends: If you are looking to ‘Mask Up,’ how about ‘Mask Up’ the border?” Many other Republicans have been very vocal in fighting mask-wearing over the last week as well.

This is why it was odd when Graham was seen on Capitol Hill today wearing a mask. Though it’s good to see the mask use, we have to question why Graham was at work today if he knew he had flu-like symptoms? The Hill reports, “Graham was spotted in the Capitol on Monday morning and spoke briefly with reporters. He was wearing a mask and appeared to be in a hurry, both of which caught the attention of reporters. Spokespeople for the South Carolina Republican didn’t immediately respond to a question about if, or when, he alerted leadership or other Senate offices to his test result.” 

Graham was also mixing and mingling with other senators over the weekend, including Democrat Joe Manchin.

Though some on the right will likely weaponize Graham’s “breakthrough” case as proof that vaccinated people can get the virus, it’s important to point out, as Graham did, that this is the reason he doesn’t have serious symptoms. Graham has not been one of the anti-vaxx Republicans, so many are hoping Graham passes this message along more strongly to those who have been avoiding the vaccine.