Florida congressman Matt Gaetz may be staring at serious legal jeopardy, as one of his close friends appears ready to reach an agreement to cooperate with prosecutors.

Joel Greenberg, a former tax collector for Seminole County, Florida and a Gaetz ally, was in court today for a hearing related to charges of sex trafficking involving a minor, stalking, bribery and ripping off the pandemic-related Paycheck Protection Program. The federal investigation into Gaetz and allegations of sex trafficking spun out of Greenberg’s case, and reports from today’s hearings strongly indicate that Gaetz’s friend is cooperating with prosecutors.

According to one news report, Greenberg’s lawyer asked the judge to set a deadline of May 15 for both sides to reach a plea agreement, or else to schedule a trial for the summer. After the hearing, the attorney for the defendant seemed to suggest nothing that happened in court today was good news for Congressman Gaetz.

The probe into Gaetz’s actions has widened rapidly. The latest developments say investigators are looking into whether a trip the controversial Florida congressman took to the Bahamas involved women who were illegally trafficked across state or international lines for the purpose of having sex with Gaetz.

Gaetz has adamantly denied all allegations against him. He’s even used his legal troubles as a fundraising tool.