Nikki Haley’s selective memory about Afghanistan is no secret.

We’ve highlighted before her efforts to gaslight Americans on the Trump Administration’s role in the chaotic U.S. withdrawal in order to shift all the blame to the Biden White House. During an appearance Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Trump’s former U.N. Ambassador continued her pernicious attempts to distort history to serve her own political narrative. Haley put all the blame on President Biden for the messy withdrawal, calling it “an embarrassing failure” for the United States.

She also said this:

“They’re not negotiating with the Taliban, they’ve completely surrendered to the Taliban.”

Amb. Nikki Haley

That is certainly an interesting perspective for Haley to take, given that as far back as 2018, she was supporting the idea of peace talks with the Taliban.

When Major Garrett asked her if the bargain then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo negotiated with the Taliban set about the events we saw unfold in Afghanistan last week, Haley dodged the question and tried to claim Trump’s negotiations were some sort of master stroke.

The fact of the matter is the Trump deal did set the withdrawal in motion, especially by excluding Afghan government officials. It would have happened in May if Biden hadn’t pushed the date back. Don’t forget, those negotiations also led to the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners.

As we’ve said before, Haley knows what she’s selling doesn’t pass the smell test. She doesn’t care. It’s about creating soundbites to please Trump and the MAGA base. Legitimate news outlets should reconsider booking her to weigh in on such topics, because she’s not operating in good faith by continuing to lie and pretend what actually happened, didn’t happen.