It’s been known for some time that Ohio Representative Jim Jordan and then-President Donald Trump spoke on the phone during the January 6th Capitol Insurrection. But now we’re learning about another phone call between the two men that took place as rioters were sacking the Capitol building.

Politico is reporting that Jordan and Trump had more than one phone call that infamous day. Sources told the outlet that this second phone call came from inside an undisclosed safe room inside the Capitol complex. Jordan’s congressional ally and fellow Trump loyalist Rep. Matt Gaetz joined the call as well. The source with knowledge of that call said both men were urging Trump to tell his supporters to stand down. He did not elaborate on what Trump’s answer was to that request.

Jordan has said he talked to Trump on Jan. 6, but that he doesn’t remember when the conversation happened. This is the first we’ve heard of another call between them. Conversations between Trump and Jordan will likely be near the top of the priority list for the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6. The committee is expected to soon go after the phone records of members of Congress themselves in its probe.

When a reporter asked Jordan if Gaetz took part in this newly-revealed second call, he said he “would have to think about it.”

More from Politico:

Look, I definitely spoke to the president that day. I don't recall — I know it was more than once, I just don't recall the times,” Jordan told our Olivia Beavers. He later said that “I’m sure” one of the Trump-involved calls took place in the safe room “because we were in that room forever.” (For safety reasons, we are not disclosing the specific room where members were evacuated to, but that is the room Jordan is referencing.) Jordan would not get into the specifics of what he discussed with the president, though he said that like everyone, he wanted the National Guard to get involved. 

A Gaetz rep said, “Congressman Gaetz speaks with President Trump regularly and doesn’t disclose the substance of those discussions with the media.”