If there’s one thing this White House is good at, it’s denials.  Russia is a fake story, a witch hunt.  Donald Trump will tell anyone who’ll listen that he’s not under investigation.  And as he did on Wednesday, he even called up a reporter to mention that, in case they forgot, he was not under investigation.  Maybe he should stop the denials because Trump is only making it worse for himself.

Witness the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll that shows more than half of Americans support Robert Mueller’s investigation. And nearly half, forty-nine percent, believe Donald Trump committed a crime.  The Hillary Clinton/Uranium propaganda put forth by Fox News isn’t sticking.  Mueller’s actions this week matter.  And don’t think for a second the White House didn’t feel the punch. And remember, the Manafort and Gates indictments were just the first.  What happens when the next wave of indictments comes down?

This great piece from Vox does a great job of explaining the news.