He’s not exactly brave enough to stand with Roy Moore, so Donald Trump is doing the next best thing.  He’s holding a rally tonight just across the state line in Florida. Wow, such courage!  In all our years of covering politics, we’ve never heard of a political rally being held in one state for a candidate in an adjoining state. Especially by a president!  Trump will be in Pensacola, Florida which conveniently shares a media market with Mobile, Alabama.  So while Moore won’t be in Pensacola, this might as well be a Roy Moore rally.

According to FiveThirtyEight, the race for the open Senate seat is within the margin of error.  The election is next Tuesday.  Frankly, we’d be surprised if Democrat Doug Jones pulls off an upset.  Moore looks the likely winner.  And since Republicans have checked their spines at the Senate door, he will be seated like he’s squeaky clean.  The loud opposition to Roy Moore has all but evaporated.

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