Anyone familiar with Donald Trump’s past business practices knows he has a well-earned reputation for not always paying his bills. Be it people who did work on his failed Atlantic City casinos or a Miami business that supplied the paint for the Trump Doral golf course, there is a long list of folks who allege to have been stiffed by Trump.

It appears Rudy Giuliani can be added to that list.

The one-time personal attorney for Trump has reportedly been exiled from his inner circle because Giuliani keeps trying to get paid for his work in perpetuating the Big Election Lie.

In an excerpt from the upcoming book “Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency” in the Times of London, author Michael Wolff details the reason for the split between Trump and one of his most loyal acolytes. As usual with the former president, it comes down to money. Wolff writes:

“Trump is annoyed that [Giuliani] tried to get paid for his election challenge work.”

The book excerpt also claims other members of Trump’s families have cut off Giuliani as well.

How much Giuliani believes he is owed is not known. But back in January, the New York Times reported Giuliani’s firm asked the Trump campaign to pay a fee of $20,000 a day for Giuliani’s work in trying to overturn the 2020 election results. Giuliani confirmed the request was made, but said an associate sent the payment request without his knowledge.

Trump has apparently not paid a dime of that legal bill, perhaps because he feels he didn’t get his money’s worth from Giuliani. All of his so-called challenges to the results ended in defeat and, like the infamous press conference in the parking lot of a Philadelphia landscaping company, in embarrassment.

The rift between Trump and Giuliani has apparently been growing for months. More from Wolff’s book, per the Business Insider:

In mid-January, both The Washington Post and The New York Timescited sources saying that Trump had instructed his aides not to pay Giuliani his legal fees following Trump's second impeachment.
The New York Times said at the time that White House officials also started blocking Giuliani's calls to Trump.
An excerpt from another book about Trump — "Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost" by the Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender — published by the Daily Mail indicates that Trump regularly insulted Giuliani while they worked together.
In one instance, Bender wrote, Trump mocked Giuliani for falling asleep in a meeting.

Giuliani may need the money to pay his own legal bills, since he is under investigation by the Justice Department. He’s also had his law license suspended in New York, where he was once a top prosecutor and mayor. As one would imagine, Twitter did not have much sympathy for Giuliani.

Another former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, couldn’t resist piling on Giuliani over this latest indignity.