The time has come for Donald Trump’s first physical. After living off Diet Cokes and McDonald’s  many are hoping this exam gives us some insight into the President’s well-being. Don’t get your hopes up.

Here’s what we know:

-Trump is using a well-respected doctor. Dr. Ronny Jackson served as former President Barack Obama’s doctor. Jackson also treated George W. Bush late in his presidency. Jackson is not only overseeing the physical, but he has been observing Trump on and off for the last year.

-White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has said that Trump is undergoing the full physical on Friday that presidents typically go through at Walter Reed Hospital and (some of) the results will be released by the Doctor following the exam.

-While Trump’s mental state has been under question, this exam is about physical health, not mental.

-Don’t expect an open book. There is a good chance the public won’t get a look at the 71-year-old Trump’s full medical report. Doctor/patient confidentiality is still in play. If Trump wants to keep something secret, he can.  As the New York Times reports past presidents have kept certain parts of their exams confidential. Odds are there will be a beautifully positive report issued later.