The Trump International Hotel in Washington is no more. The Trump Organization reached a $375 million agreement to sell the lease of the D.C. property to a Miami investor group.

And in the dead of night, workers began removing all signage that said “Trump.” The hotel became the center of controversy from the beginning of Trump’s term in 2017 as many government ethics experts and watchdog groups believed Trump was using the property to profit off being president. The hotel was home to the MAGA crowd and lobbyists but it was never a moneymaker.

Hotel industry executives have said the hotel had underperformed compared with other luxury hotels in the city, particularly since President Donald J. Trump left office, in part because some companies and travelers were reluctant to book rooms or hold events at the hotel given the controversies surrounding Mr. Trump. Those factors most likely contributed to the decision to sell the lease, they said.

The New York Times

It will now be rebranded as a Waldorf Astoria hotel.

The Trump hotel itself was named in December 2021 by the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics as the “epicenter” of corruption in DC, where people who wanted to “curry favor” could stroll in and “flash cash.”  

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Before the sale could go through, the Trump organization settled a lawsuit with the District of Columbia:

In the days before the sale became final, the Trump Organization settled a lawsuit filed by DC’s attorney general over claims that the hotel had illegally profited off of Trump’s 2017 inaugural celebrations by renting out space to the inaugural committee at above-market rates. As a part of the settlement, the Trump Organization admitted no wrongdoing. 

Business Insider