There was a cloud over the Grammys Sunday night that couldn’t be avoided. From the death of Kobe Bryant (watch above) to the impeachment of Donald Trump and the recent allegations that the Grammys are rigged, Here’s part of a song host Alicia Keys put together that touched on it all:

“Let me be honest with y’all. It’s been a hell of a week. A really serious one. Real talk, there’s a lot going on. It’s a new decade. It’s time for nowness. And we refuse the negative energy. We refuse the old systems. Feel me on that. We want to be respected and safe in our diversity. We want to be shifting to realness and inclusivity. So tonight we want to celebrate the people, the artists that put themselves on the line, and share their truth with us.”

“Tonight we must unite in spite of all the news that we’re seeing Commander in Chief impeached, y’all get out let’s bring Cardi B in. Cause music changes the world, just like Beethoven said. Old dude in a wig but I still give him some cred. It’s just too many lies, too much hate, too much spin. It’s when good people do nothing that the bad guys win.”
Watch the full song below.