On a day when the United States marked 150,000 deaths from coronavirus, Donald Trump bemoaned that people didn’t like him. He also expressed jealousy over why the nation’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci is so admired. Here’s what he said during his briefing Tuesday:

“He’s got this high approval rating, so why don’t I have a high approval rating?”

“A man works for us — with us, very closely, Dr. Fauci, and Dr. Birx also highly thought of.  And yet, they’re highly thought of, but nobody likes me.  It can only be my personality.  That’s all.”

Here’s reaction from CNN’s Don Lemon:

“Mommy always liked you more than me…  That is sad. There’s an answer by the way – you don’t have a high approval rating because you have completely botched the handling of the virus. denying and downplaying… You failed when the country needed you the most and because there’s no pivot. There is no new tone. There is no turned page. You still don’t get it.” 

It’s a phrase that we can confidently say will haunt him through the election.

Watch more from CNN’s Chris Cuomo above.