California’s oldest state park has been ravaged by wildfire.  Big Basin Redwoods State Park lost many buildings but perhaps more devastating was the loss of stately redwood trees, many over 1000 years old. CNN writes:

“Several historic structures including the headquarters building, main lodge, ranger station and nature museum were damaged or destroyed. A store maintenance shop, park residences and campground bathrooms were also damaged or destroyed, officials said.“

Despite the extensive damage to the redwoods, there is hope they’ll survive.

“Redwood trees are extremely fire resistant and many can survive or sprout new growth following a wildfire. Coastal redwoods can live for up to 2,200 years, Sempervirens Conservation Director Laura McClendon told CNN.“
Reporters and camera crews are getting a close-up look at the damage.  KPIX San Francisco posted this raw video that is heartbreaking to watch.