Bill Maher joined CNN’s Chris Cuomo to talk about all the state of politics and the race for 2020. He said he’s tired of Donald Trump’s kind of “winning” and on Republican’s blind loyalty and hypocrisy toward the president:

“It’s a cult… I ask it all the time. Why do Republicans get what I call patriotic immunity? They can do anything and they’re not questioned, whereas a Democrat in office, the least little thing and they make it up. You know, he apologized on foreign soil. Okay. Was that in the rule book? Or he wore a tan suit. Remember? He saluted with coffee in his hand. Your guy is a traitor. He literally sides with countries that aren’t America and you’re talking about a tan suit? I don’t get it.”

Maher thinks there are too many Democrats running for the nomination, that alone looks silly when you have 23 or 24 people… I don’t even know why they’re running.”  He wants to see Democrats stop attacking each other as well:

“We have to get serious. Joe Biden with the back of the head and the Eskimo kisses, who cares. If this is the guy to beat Trump it’s unconscionable to be pecking at him this way in the beginning…. I think America, right now, looks like our feet hurt and we want the old comfortable pair of shoes. He is a return to normalcy. I don’t think he’s a lot of people’s favorite but he’s a lot of people’s second or third choice and he’s good enough and he’s going to get his back to the America we kind of remember, where things happened in a normal way. And we weren’t full of anxiety, looking at our phones wondering what did the mental patient do now?” 

Take a look at the interview above.