Joe Biden is addressing the economy for the first time since winning the election. He says, obviously, one of the biggest parts of getting the economy back on track is getting the pandemic in check. He said:

“A national strategy with robust public health measures, like mandatory masking, widely available testing with rapid results, scaled-up production of life-saving treatment and therapeutics, and safe, equitable and free distribution of the vaccine.”

The president-elect says “For millions of Americans who’ve lost hours and wages or have lost jobs, we can deliver immediate relief and it need be done quickly… Congress should come together and pass a Covid relief package”

Biden then slammed Donald Trump saying, “The idea the president is still playing golf and not doing anything about it is beyond my comprehension.”

He added that the current president’s refusal to accept the election results and begin the transition process isn’t just “embarrassing” but dangerous as well, “More people may die, if we don’t coordinate.”

Watch his full news conference above.