John Oliver is taking aim at Tucker Carlson after the Fox News host’s rant about women in the military. The Last Week Tonight host says he doesn’t want to give Carlson oxygen, but due to his influence, it needs to be addressed.

“I would like nothing more than to not play into his wildly offensive schtick. You might be thinking right now, why give him the attention that he is so clearly trolling for? But the fact is we aren’t giving him any attention he is already getting a lot of… He averages over 3 million views a night… He is so important to the network that they are expanding his presence…”

Oliver says what Carlson represents “is so dangerous.”

“Of all the things that Tucker is — a conspiracy theorist, a misogynist, Islamophobe, a troll — one of the most dangerous is that he is the most prominent vessel in America for white supremacist talking points.”

Watch what else Oliver said about Carlson’s “lazy racism” and his “white identity politics.”