If you don’t know who Jon Ossoff is yet, you will soon. His campaign for Congress in Georgia garnered a lot of attention, though the Democrat ultimately lost the seat by a slim margin. The Atlantic-Journal Constitution describes him as:

A former congressional staffer who runs an investigative journalism firm, Ossoff rose from obscurity to become a sudden star on the left before losing to Republican Karen Handel by about 4 points.

Now the 32-year-old will run against GOP Senator David Perdue for Senate. He says:

“This is our time to shape history. To struggle for a future we believe in, where decency, freedom, human rights, shared prosperity, and health define our world.”

And the candidate has already scored a big endorsement.

Ossoff also joined MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell to talk about his decision to run.

Ossoff becomes the 4th candidate vying for the seat. Several others are expected to jump in the race as well.