Most of the late-night comics have been on a break over the last couple of weeks, but now they are back and gearing up for the next 55 days leading up to the election. The big topic Tuesday night was the report that Donald Trump denigrated members of the military. Seth Meyers remarked:

“Trump was reacting to the furor over The Atlantic’s bombshell report that he called Americans who died in war ‘losers’ and ‘suckers,’ which has been confirmed by multiple outlets including The A.P., CNN and even Fox News, and also by common sense. I mean, it sounds exactly like something Trump would say. He probably thinks anyone who dies is a sucker.” 

Watch the full segment from Late Night with Seth Meyers above.

Meanwhile, The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon also found a lot of humor in the report from The Atlantic joking, “Other than the 245 times Trump has actually called someone a loser and a sucker on Twitter, he’d never say anything like that.” He also pointed out that the president’s response to the report isn’t helping:

“That was a pretty crazy press conference. At one point, Trump went off on a rant attacking military leaders. Because when you’re in a scandal about calling soldiers names, the best defense is to antagonize their bosses. Trump was like, ‘This goes all the way to the top, people, whoever is the chief of all the commanders.’”