The late-night comics have weighed in on the chaos in Cleveland with Seth Meyers calling it  “Trump’s psychotic debate performance and his deranged sycophants’ excuses for him.” When it came to Fox News, Meyer said, “When they weren’t slobbering all over him, Fox pundits and GOP allies were pretending they watched a different debate altogether.” Watch above.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah also had plenty to say, pointing out “It seemed less like a presidential debate and more like a fight that you overhear in a booth at Denny’s.”

“Let’s be clear, the reason this debate was such a colossal trainwreck was because Donald J. Trump was throwing grenades on the tracks… Trump was being such a child that Chris Wallace actually had to the pull the ‘do you want to switch seat’ move that English teachers take with their students.”

And Stephen Colbert spoke with political analyst Jonathan Alter who called this an “extraordinarily embarrassing moment for our country.”