Senator Josh Hawley needs to brush up on history. His comments Tuesday on the Senator floor show that he apparently doesn’t remember some of the most momentous events of our past, especially when it comes to slavery and racism.

The Missouri Republican spoke against confirming President Joe Biden’s nominee to run the Office of Personnel Management, Kiran Ahuja. The New York Times writes, “The unified Republican objections centered on Ms. Ahuja’s remarks last year, when she ran a Seattle-based philanthropic organization, following the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.”

Hawley found a way to invoke GOP talking points against critical race theory during his speech:

“Critical race theory is an ideology that says the United States is rotten to its core. The leaders of this movement think our society is defined by white supremacy. They think our leaders are complicit at best. They think all Americans are either oppressors or oppressed.”

He went on to say, “President Biden is nominating for federal office individuals who do not share a view of America as a good and decent place.” In other words, if you believe racism exists and has existed since the founding of this country, you don’t love your country.

Hawley was quickly schooled on Twitter.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank writes:

The irony, of course, is that Republicans are now proving that systemic racism exists — and they, along with Fox News, are the primary offenders. With their united stand against the voting-rights bill and their united votes against Ahuja on the bogus justification of critical race theory, they’re the ones reducing Americans “to their racial identity alone,” as Hawley put it. The Proud Boys who attacked the Capitol must be filled with pride anew.