A picture of kids outside unmasked and the subsequent response from one school official is prompting a strong reaction from parents. A parent reportedly emailed the Middlesex, NJ school district asking when they would reopen in-person to students but they received a response they weren’t expecting. NJ.com writes:

After a parent sent multiple messages complaining that her Middlesex County school district has not returned to in-person learning, a school official replied with an email saying the community has not taken the COVID-19 outbreak seriously and attached photos of the parent and her son recently sledding with friends while not wearing masks.

ABC New York writes that “parents are furious that the picture was pulled from a private social media account and sent out.” A parent whose child was pictured explained, “They can’t wear a mask because they’ll get wet in the snow, and they only came together for the picture for a moment.” That father told Good Morning America today, “it felt like we were being bullied.”  Watch their story above.