White House press secretary Sarah Sanders held her first briefing in three weeks today and with a huge hurricane heading for the east coast one would think Sanders might open with a briefing on the storm, but instead it was a report on the economy.

Brought in to bolster the case was Kevin Hassett, the White House’s chief economist.  Hassett soon found himself on the defensive trying to explain a Trump tweet that was wrong.

Hassett admitted Trump made a mistake.

Then, reporters questioned the timing of the briefing, coming three days after former President Obama’s remarks last week that Trump shouldn’t get the credit for a strong economy.  So what was this?  A briefing or a brag-fest?  When reporters finally questioned Sanders, no one wanted to talk about the economy.  It was all about Anonymous, the writer of the New York Times op-ed that trashed the president.  Question one: “Is there anything about what was published by The New York Times that would warrant an investigation by the Department of Justice.” Sanders replied:

“Certainly, if there’s an individual, whether or not, since we don’t know who they are, if that individual is in meetings that where national security is being discussed or other important topics and they are attempting to undermine the executive branch, that would certainly be problematic and something that the department of justice should look into.”

Sanders was also questioned about Bob Woodward’s book and whether Trump was thinking about suing Woodward over the quotes in the book. Here’s part of Sanders response:

“A number of people have come out and said that Woodward never even reached out to corroborate statements that were attributed to them, which seems incredibly reckless for a book to make such outrageous claims, to not even take the time to get a $10 fact checker.” 

Meanwhile, despite no real signs of denuclearization, it looks like Trump is ready to make nice with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un again. Sanders said:

“Yeah, the president has received the letter from Kim Jong-Un. It was a very warm, very positive letter… The primary purpose of the letter was to request and look to schedule another meeting with the president, which we are open to and in the process of coordinating that.”

One big issue missing from the briefing today was one of the most important to the future of the country. We aren’t sure why no reporters asked about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Watch the full briefing above.