It seems like Raphael Warnock was elected to the Senate at the right time for so many reasons. The Georgia Senator not only helped Democrats take back the Senate, but he is also an important voice at a time where Georgia Republicans are trying to suppress black voters in the state. Wednesday he gave his first speech from the Senate floor, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin says “he delivered a devastating indictment of Republican efforts to restrict African Americans’ access to the ballot.”

Warnock wrote that:

“As efforts to roll back critical voting rights and protections are growing in Georgia—and nationwide—I’m speaking on the actions we can take in Congress to protect the foundation of our democracy & ensure every single voice is heard.”

Here’s a quote that particularly stands out:

“Make no mistake, this is democracy in reverse. Rather than voters being able to pick the politicians, the politicians are trying to cherry-pick their voters. I say this cannot stand.”

Watch his full speech above.