Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), the Majority Whip of the House, provided a critical endorsement for former Vice President Joe Biden. As the highest-ranking black member of Congress, his support is considered essential. USA Today reports:

Black voters accounted for 55% and 61% of the ballots in 2008 and 2016, respectively, and are expected to cast up to two-thirds of all ballots in South Carolina’s Democratic primary on Feb. 29.

In making the announcement, Clyburn remarked:

 “I am voting for Joe Biden. South Carolina should be voting for Joe Biden… I know joe. We know Joe. But most importantly, Joe knows us.”

He went on to say:  

“I’m fearful for the future of this country. I’m fearful for my daughters and their future and their children’s future. This country is at an inflection point. It is time for us to restore this country’s dignity. This country’s respect. That is what is at stake this year. And I can think of no one better suited, better prepared. I can think of no one with the integrity, no one more committed to the fundamental principles to make this country what it is.” 

Watch his emotional endorsement above.