The confusion over who can get the vaccine only seems to grow as more people become eligible. Since early on, it’s been clear that people over 65 could get the vaccine. Beyond that qualifications are different from state to state, this means people are scouring the Internet to see whether they are eligible. For instance, in some states teachers qualify, but in other states they don’t. The same goes for who is considered “essential.” Healthcare workers are usually included, but beyond that isn’t exactly a standard for who is considered essential. Then there are the comorbidities, this seems to be the most confusing. This can vary from facility to facility. If you are in that group you may find yourself checking the list to see if your condition qualifies. Then there are people who try to game the system. It can all be frustrating, to say the least, and that didn’t go unnoticed on Saturday Night Live. Take a look above as Dr. Anthony Fauci (as played by Kate McKinnon) hosts “So You Think You Can Get A Vaccine.”