Make no mistake about it, there were a lot of very happy people when Bernie Sanders announced his second run for the White House today (see above). The Vermont Senator reportedly brought in more than $3.3 million dollars from 120,000 donors in just the first 10 hours after launching Tuesday morning. But while supporters were cheering “Bernie 2020,” there was a collective groan from thousands who are expressing their discontent with a Sanders candidacy.

The Washington Post reports:

Unfortunately for Sanders, nothing he says these days sounds all that revolutionary given the loud and enthusiastic progressive wing of the party and other candidates saying pretty much the same thing. He cites health care, although other contenders have embraced Medicare-for-all. He points to climate change, but a number of Democratic candidates for president have already signed onto the Green New Deal. He wants to stop demonization of immigrants, but Beto O’Rourke — who is reportedly still mulling a presidential run — and others have been saying that for months. Free college tuition? Yawn. We’ve seen that proposal.

The New Yorker adds:

He is also a straight white man of nearly eighty, with a long record of hectoring in the Senate but a much shorter list of legislative accomplishments. Other candidates can embody the country’s changing demographics in ways that he cannot…