There were two responses at the latest Democratic debate Friday night that felt different. In both instances, candidates put someone else in the spotlight, above themselves.

First, Pete Buttigieg stood up for the Biden family. It’s a response that shows you can have a political debate but still fight fair. As Buttigieg said, “the Vice President and I, and all of us, are competing but you have to draw a line here.”


Then there is the moment that got people out of their seats. It’s when Joe Biden asked the audience to give Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman a standing ovation:

“Col. Vindman go thrown out the White House today, walked out… He (Trump) should have been pinning a medal on Vindman, and not on Rush Limbaugh. And I think we should all stand and give Col. Vindman a show of how much we supported him. Stand up and clap for Vindman, get up there… that’s who we are, we are not who Trump is.”

Watch above.