Passengers onboard a Princess cruise ship off the coast of San Francisco are growing increasingly concerned about what happens next. Vice President Mike Pence announced that 21 people on board the ship, mostly crew members, tested positive for the virus. A caveat though, only 46 of the 3500+ passengers were actually tested. That’s particularly interesting to note since Donald Trump remarked, “I don’t need to have the numbers double because of one ship.” The issue is everyone will need to be tested before leaving the ship, so there is no telling how many cases will arise after that happens.

USA Today writes:

In California, state authorities were working with federal officials around-the-clock to bring the ship to a non-commercial port over the weekend and test everyone for the virus. There was no immediate word on where the vessel will dock.

Passengers on the ship said Friday night that the captain has notified them they are moving to a location 20 miles off the coast for easier delivery of supplies. 

ABC News has more above.