We mark a milestone in the Trump presidency. Today was the 300th day Donald Trump spent at one of his properties while president. It was the 232nd day Trump spent at one of his golf properties, properties he often said he would be too busy to visit if he were elected president.

Meanwhile, money for Donald Trump’s resorts from government workers keeps rolling in. Quartz writes a senior Border Patrol officer will be holding his retirement party later this month at a Trump golf resort. Scott Luck has been with the agency for 33 years.

A source with access to the Washington, DC building within which Border Patrol headquarters is located said the flyers are hanging on the walls of the office. One insider at the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees Border Patrol, questioned not only the optics of holding the gala dinner for Luck at a property owned by the president but also the $75 cost to attend. An announcement for the event was sent out to employees via official government email.