In response to Donald Trump’s latest claims on health care and another tweeted diatribe about the upcoming Senate impeachment trial, the Associated Press dug into the facts.

As is so frequently the case with this president, those facts were not kind to him.

Trump used Twitter to make what the AP calls “a striking claim” about health care on Monday, “insisting it was he who ensured that people with preexisting medical problems will always be covered by health insurance.”

It wasn’t.

In fact, the AP says, Americans with preexisting medical problems “have health insurance protections because of President Barack Obama’s health care law, which Trump is trying to dismantle.”

The Trump administration continues to seek “full repeal of the Obama-era law,” including protections for people with preexisting conditions from health insurance discrimination. 

So long as “Obamacare” remains in place, preexisting conditions must be covered by regular individual health insurance plans.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi weighed in on Trump’s claim, too — also on Twitter:

Trump also complained on Twitter that Democrats blocked him from sending lawyers to represent him at the House impeachment inquiry.

“The opposite is true,” says the AP: “Democrats invited him to send lawyers to the inquiry and he said no.”

As for the Senate impeachment trial, the AP says, Trump’s lawyers “will participate.” It’s expected to start next week.