Here are a few things to watch and listen for from Republicans, whose convention begins tonight. It’s becoming clear these will be the Trump strategies for November, and also why it will be so difficult to convince voters.

—An emphasis on “law and order,” casting Trump as a champion of police and opposed to “chaos.” (The “Defund the Police” movement, talk of “doing away with 911,” etc is seen by the GOP as a disaster for Democrats. Problem-all the chaos has happened on his watch. Joe Biden is against defunding police.
—Exploit fears of “Black Lives Matter,”  and other racially divisive maneuvers and talk.  A specific target; suburban women. Problem-Trump is so far underwater with women, suburban or urban, it would take a large miracle to win them back
—Heavy sell on the claim that if Democrats win the economy will go to hell. Problem-the economy is already in hell. Millions are unemployed, thousands of businesses have shuttered, and many voters blame Trump’s response to the pandemic for the economic downturn.
— The Democrats have gone so “far left” that you won’t recognize America if they win; the country will quickly descend into “socialism.” Problem-It’s a scare tactic used by Republicans since FDR in the 1930’s!
—Biden is not mentally or physically fit to be President. Problem-see acceptance speech, Democratic National Convention.