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Dumbest idea of the week: Treasury Sec Mnuchin has proposed that Congress give President Trump broad new line-item veto power over the national budget. Trouble is, Congress can’t do that; it’s unconstitutional.

Mnuchin’s comment was made—where else?—on Fox News. The conversation was with Chris Wallace about Mr. Trump indicating he would veto the latest budget passed by Congress, then turning around and signing it.

A Treasury Secretary proposing something blatantly unconstitutional?  Dumbest idea of the week? Yes, but then it’s still early.

As for the NRA and its nasty—sometimes vicious —counterattack against “March for Our Lives”, former Senator Rick Santorum (longtime NRA champion on CNN) is runner-up in “dumb” column.  He suggested that instead of marching students should take classes in how to apply CPR.

CPR for someone blown open by a military-style automatic weapon? Not only a dumb idea but a heartless or at least dark-hearted comment.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Ah, and then there is the Stormy Daniels appearance on “60 Minutes”, in which she detailed consensual sex with Mr. Trump some years ago, and how she says she and her child were threatened if she didn’t stay quiet, and how she was paid off to deny the affair just days before the Presidential election.

Hard to know what to make of her story (Trump has remained relatively silent about it)but her much-publicized appearance last night will keep the story alive.  

That will include questions about what, if anything, the Mueller investigation may be doing with it.

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