Steady. That’s the first word that comes to mind, followed by some version of “let’s don’t jump to any conclusions” and “remember that the first things you hear are often wrong.”

It may be awhile before law enforcement can sort out the latest happing and before they can provide very many hard facts.
Before tonight, the string of small but sometimes deadly small bomb blasts in and around Austin seemed—seemed—on the basis of evidence probably connected. Apparently, all of them were bombs of a sort, small but with enough explosive power to classify as bombs.  This latest one (Tuesday night) seems on the basis of early investigation to have been an “incendiary device”, something less powerful.  And it is reported to have been put in a “Goodwill” used-clothing-drop container, where it went off.
The previous bombs had been in packages, delivered to homes or intended to be delivered plus, in one place, connected to trip-wires.
This raises a number of possible “case-theories,” such as: Are these all caused by one person or group of connected persons, or, is one or more of the explosions a case of “copy-cat” crime—someone not connected to but copying earlier situations.
All more reasons not to jump to conclusions, to stay steady and calm and let investigators do their work.