So, Democrats seize control of the House, Republicans increase their majority in the Senate. Where does that leave us?
A deeply divided country with no real consensus about major questions of leadership tone, direction, or major policies (foreign or domestic.)

The President is somewhat weakened but still in an overall position of comparative political strength. He’ll soon be forced to face more questions and investigations from the new Democratic-controlled house, and new challenges from the wide-ranging Mueller probe.

The race for the next Presidential nominations begins in earnest today, complicating things further and adding to a public sense of dysfunction and mendacity in Washington.

The wild ride we, as a people, as a nation, have been on for awhile figures to continue. The deep divide gets deeper.  Optimism about the long-range outlook remains the best recommendation.  But in the short and medium range, optimism will not come easily.  Grab a handhold on hope and hang on.