I wanted to share this quote from The Washington Monthly magazine and writer Martin Longman:

“Many of the crimes a grand jury believed Nixon committed have already been committed by Trump.”

Longman writes:

“…as the Watergate Road Map makes clear, many of Trump’s actions since he won the election have been criminal in nature and would be charged as crimes if he were an ordinary citizen. Some of this has already been exposed through the Special Counsel’s investigation, but a lot of it has taken place in plain sight or been widely reported in the press.”

It’s true, but this is a different era and Donald Trump has exploited fears of demographic and cultural changes much more successfully than Richard Nixon. So it may not matter.

Once special prosecutor Robert Mueller reveals what he has and has not uncovered, the country will have to decide—through Congress, the courts and the ballot box.

The final decision may hinge on this question: Should—will– what was considered “justice” in the time of Nixon be the same in this, the time of Trump?