“I hope we can finally stop asking if the president can sink any lower.”

While some people are dancing around the word racist in relation to the president, Dan Rather says:

“This is blatant racism. There’s no other word for it. I know it makes some people uncomfortable. And I know there’s been reluctance by certain news organizations not to use the word racism. But if you look at what he said and he repeated it since then. There’s no other word to describe it.” 

This is more of what he told CNN’s Don Lemon Wednesday night:

“He is using his racist taunts as a rallying cry for his reelection campaign. He’s made it obvious that’s going to be if not the main spine of it, certainly an important part of it.” 

“When we will answer whether we are aspiring to be better? Or whether we want go back to in effect to make America white again?

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